Herkkumaa’s new Devil’s products: Mexican Salsa and Tomato Salsa!

Speak of the Devil! These tasty temptations are easy to succumb to! Herkkumaa’s new products, Devil’s Mexican Salsa and Tomato Salsa, can now be found on the shelves in all well-stocked supermarkets! These salsas rely on natural forces, being completely preservative free and gluten free with no added sugar.

Tomato Salsa is the more tomato-y salsa option, while Mexican Salsa is your new Mexican kitchen staple. They work very well with tacos, burritos and tortillas, or for dipping nachos or vegetables. Choose your favourite or go for both.

Put the dipping-ready jar on the table and let the bacchanal begin.


Finland’s most popular pickled cucumber – now available in slices!

Herkkumaa’s pickle, made using our traditional recipe, has been the most popular pickle in Finland for years – and no wonder! The secret of its taste is the spices: fresh garlic and currant leaves and, of course, high-quality cucumbers.

Now, finally, by popular demand, this pickle is also available in slices! You can simply add the slices to your sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs – or garnish your favourite meal with these delicious cucumber slices


The purest real mayonnaise in Finland arrives in stores

How about a natural preservative-free real mayonnaise made of Finnish free-range eggs and rapeseed oil? You haven’t seen that in stores before, but that’s about to change!

Herkkumaa’s Finnish real mayonnaise earned its spurs among restaurant professionals last autumn. According to everyone who has tasted it, it is the best mayonnaise in Finland. One can always argue about matters of taste, but when it comes to the ingredient list, our mayonnaise is the purest in Finland. This new product will arrive in stores during April – taste it yourself and you’ll be sure to love it!

Get to know real mayonnaise »


The Devil will get its share: the growing Devil’s series heating up Finnish dinner tables

Herkkumaa Devil’s tex-mex products have found their way to the Finnish dinner tables. Thanks to the warm reception, the product series has grown, albeit in silence. Now, the time has come to take a family portrait.

On the background, you’ll see the newcomers, the Devil’s mayonnaises: Devil’s Mayonnaise, Devil’s Chipotle Mayonnaise and Devil’s Cucumber Mayonnaise. You’ll meet them usually in Finnish restaurants without knowing: they may be the filling of your burger or dip for the fries, to name a few uses. These larger siblings have not yet got any smaller sisters, but there has been some kitchen talk that we could perhaps expect growth of the family any moment.

On the left, you’ll meet the heads of the family. Devil’s Salad Hot and Devil’s Salad Mild. Mild is the well-mannered humanist from hell, who trust in the power of tender seduction. Hot has a more aggressive character and is going to shoot first, ask questions later. He won’t believe in atonement – instead, he’s going to punish your taste buds for the cardinal sins they’ve committed. Despite having some differences on characters, Hot and Mild can co-exist in peace in every fridge. With them, you may see Devil’s Red Pepper Jam – the step-sis better known for the sweet facade hiding the devil inside. Devil’s Salad Mild’s big sis also wanted to make sure to be seen – she’s there in the front, always wanting to be in the limelight. Perhaps she wanted to show the new look she just got – you may find her in some stores still wearing the older label.

On the right of the portrait, there’s the green sheep of the family. Devil’s Sliced Pickles and Devil’s Jalapenos Slices complete the red-white-green food circle. The fiery cucumbers and hot jalapenos are devilishly good as a snack, on bread, salad table or in hamburgers.

From the photo shoot, the family continues its road to the store shelves. You’ll recognise the devils from the dark label, that separates them from other tex-mex products. Part of the family may have escaped to the conservatives section and the chilli cucumbers are also sold by kilogram in larger supermarkets.

Find the devil. Otherwise, the devil will find you.

Check out the whole Devil’s selection here.


New: a Finnish real mayonnaise

Herkkumaa is proud to present a Finnish real mayonnaise. The mayo is prepared without additives and only from real ingredients: like a home-made mayo, the Herkkumaa real mayo contains 80 % of fat. And that’s not a bad thing, as we are talking about pure food made from nature’s best ingredients.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel. We just made an excellent mayonnaise. The mayo is naturally lactose and gluten free. The allergens are only egg and mustard, which is used as a spice.

Restaurants around Finland have found our real mayo – you may meet it in many nationwide restaurant chains, as well as in local restaurants. At the moment, we are collecting feedback on the mayo and fine-tuning our production line, so that this great real mayo will find its way soon to the shop near you.


Easy Open lids now also for Herkkumaa jams

Last spring we started packing our gerkhins with Easy Open lids. Now, we added Easy Open lids also to our jams and will continue the change so that in the end all our smaller (less than 3.1 kilograms) jars will be covered with these practical lids.

You will recognize the easy to open lids with “Easy Open” text. These covers are made from two pieces so that the vacuum can be released with light movement.

The move to Easy Open lids started from customer feedback.

– We aim to help people’s every day by offering easy to use, delicious conserves. Easy Open lids were in line with the target and therefore we decided to invest in the new packaging line. The investment was significant, but we believe it will boost the demand, says Herkkumaa CEO Atte Rekola.


Herkkumaa champignons in handy bags

The new Herkkumaa champignons arrive soon at shops! The champignons are packed in handy light-weight bags. These easy to open bags are more ecological choice than the usual glass jars or metal cans, due to lower emissions in transportation and production. Also, the amount of waste is lower than in traditional mushroom packaging.  All Herkkumaa champignons are picked and selected by hand. They suit almost any food, from pizzas and pies to soups and sauces. Add some pleasant, mild taste to your favorite dishes with Herkkumaa champignons!

Herkkumaa sliced champignons in light brine »

Herkkumaa whole champignons in marinade »

Herkkumaa whole champignons in light brine »


Devil’s Red Pepper Jam’s been bulking up!

Herkkumaa Devil’s Red Pepper Jam® got a big brother. And the brother’s been pumping. The 1120 gram bottle of red pepper goodness is used to attention and won’t get confused if you squeeze it a little. With its majestic looks and gargantuan size, this big bottle will claim its place in every dinner table and professional kitchen.


Sliced Devils, S’il vous plaît!

The tasty Herkkumaa Devil’s series got two new sliced members: Herkkumaa Devil’s Sliced Pickles and Herkkumaa Devil’s Sliced Jalapenos. While the Pickles are slightly hot, the jalapenos burn like hell. You can find both products in shops now. Read the contents for Devil’s Sliced Pickles here and for Devil’s Sliced Jalapenos here.


A dark and fiery Autumn awaits – Herkkumaa Devil’s family gets new members

It’s autumn again. The winter is coming. That abyss filled with darkness and cold. The frost biting your toes and all the warmth being nothing but a memory of days long passed. That is why you should seek the jar where the flames were sealed. Open it and it will melt the ice from your heart and awaken the fire that keeps you going.

Herkkumaa Devil’s family has got new members, and they are about to make hot in here. Tomato-based Devil’s Salad Mild seduced with a smooth and mouth-warming structure. It’s hotter sister, Devil’s Salad Hot, is also tomato-based, but jalapenos and chilies have given it a bit fierier character. Her flame will burn your taste buds with caressing love – as a sauce, a dip, a filling or a salad.

The third new member of the family is Devil’s Red Pepper Jam – a devil’s jam to top off meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. All Herkkumaa Devil’s products give an easy and fiery boost for your meal. These are the new Devil’s products for now. However, our R&D lusts for more and as it was written, the Devil shall return.