“Quality is born when you do things properly, with the right people and with the right raw materials.”
– Atte Rekola

Product of Herkkumaa

We want to produce for the Finnish consumer, absolute high quality products. Our operations are guided, above all, by the quality, taste and safety of our products. High-quality raw materials, skilled personnel, modern production machinery, as well as taking care of nature will guarantee that good raw materials will eventually receive a label “PRODUCT OF HERKKUMAA.”

Quality of Herkkumaa

Herkkumaa operates according to the international FSSC 2200 certification program of food safety and fulfils all standard requirements for safe food manufacturing, the production chain, environmental friendliness and hygiene.


Our familiar products can be found in grocery stores across the country. If you do not find the product in your own store, ask the staff of the store or send us feedback. The tasty products of Herkkumaa are exported to many countries in Europe as well as to Russia.