Full-bodied lingonberry jam for game roasts

When it gets cooler, summer berries taste better than ever. Lingonberry jam is perfect to accompany the game roast. The juiciness of the meat comes into its own when enjoyed with the perky super berry. And best of all, the lingonberry jam of Herkkumaa can be enjoyed immediately, even if your own berries have been eaten straight from the freezer.

Tangy and sweet Artic Berries lingonberry jam is now even richer in berries than before. Check out more about the rich Artic Berries lingonberry jam »


Canned beetroot for borsch

In the autumn, beetroot tastes wonderfully juicy and sweet. It also brings beautiful colours to everyday dishes and is deliciously suitable to be enjoyed with cheeses, such as blue cheese or feta. Beetroot preserved in genuine spices tastes heavenly on its own, but you can also use it in versatile ways in cooking, such as in borscht or in Biff à la Lindström. Discover more about the Small Beetroot preserve of Herkkumaa »


Pear juice as a refreshment for a trip

The renewed pear juice of Herkkumaa has a new natural colour and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. What could be better for an autumn stroll than sweet and fresh pear juice, loved by both adults and children. From the pear juice concentrate, you can fill several bottles, and you do not have to carry home litres of readymade juice from the store. Discover more about: Pear juice of Herkkumaa ».


Gourmet blueberry purée: for baking and on top of bread

There can never be enough blueberries – the super berries that have conquered the forests – even if you baked many trays full of blueberry curd buns, enjoyed a blueberry pie that has just come out of the oven or started each morning with a blueberry smoothie. Gourmet blueberry purée is full of genuine blueberries and is ideal for baking, such as for jam rolls, cakes and pies. Full-bodied blueberry jam is also delicious on toast and with croissants. Discover more about the jams of Herkkumaa >>


Convenient cucumber slices for a hamburger

Fresh flavours of sun-ripe cucumbers preserve the eternal summer in a professional manner. Pre-sliced ​​cucumbers are ready to use as such and are also suitable between self-made hamburgers. Juicy, salty and sweet – the cucumber slices of Herkkumaa are full of flavour! We also recommend them for salads, sandwiches and as a side dish for hot meals. Discover more about the cucumber slices of Herkkumaa >>


Mustard and ketchup for grilled dishes

In summer, every day is a good day for grilling – rain or shine. Weather does not affect enjoyable eating, but the sauces do. Connoisseur Mustard and Connoisseur Ketchup are designed for the Finnish taste. The classic and soft flavours do not cover other flavours, but highlights them. The mustard and ketchup of Herkkumaa are full-bodied, well-balanced in their flavour and allow pure flavours to get the main role – keep them in stock in your kitchen cabinet, because you never know when you will feel like grilling. Mustard and ketchup of Herkkumaa >>.


Delicious berry juices for parties

The juices of Herkkumaa are refreshing and tasty welcoming drinks for parties and for children and adults as well. Berry drinks go great together with salty and sweet dishes. When mixed with water, you get juice for many thirsty people. If you want to make really fancy cocktails, just add fresh fruits and berries! Juices and drinks >>.


Cloudberry jam for cakes and pastries

This beloved Queen of marshes is enjoyed in Finland often with bread cheese. Elegant and exotic cloudberry is perfect for cakes and pastries in different occasions. Cloudberry jam brings luxury also to everyday desserts, such as yoghurt and quark. Arctic Berries cloudberry jam product details >>.


Cucumber salad as topping for a hotdog

Pepper and onion are a perfect complement to the hearty cucumber salad, which is delicious also just as it is. Cucumber salad can be served as a side dish to meat or as topping for a homemade hot dogs or hamburgers. Herkkumaa cucumber salad product details >>.


Pickled onions in salads, meat stews and cocktail snacks

Pickled onions are a versatile and a bit tart diamond of preserves which can be served in salads, meat stews and in cocktail snacks. They are also suitable for antipasto platters to accompany cheeses, olives and charcuterie. The pickled onion of Herkkumaa packed in Hämeenlinna is in a sweet stock, according to Finnish tastes. Pearl onion product details >>.