The Devil will get its share: the growing Devil’s series heating up Finnish dinner tables


Herkkumaa Devil’s tex-mex products have found their way to the Finnish dinner tables. Thanks to the warm reception, the product series has grown, albeit in silence. Now, the time has come to take a family portrait.

On the background, you’ll see the newcomers, the Devil’s mayonnaises: Devil’s Mayonnaise, Devil’s Chipotle Mayonnaise and Devil’s Cucumber Mayonnaise. You’ll meet them usually in Finnish restaurants without knowing: they may be the filling of your burger or dip for the fries, to name a few uses. These larger siblings have not yet got any smaller sisters, but there has been some kitchen talk that we could perhaps expect growth of the family any moment.

On the left, you’ll meet the heads of the family. Devil’s Salad Hot and Devil’s Salad Mild. Mild is the well-mannered humanist from hell, who trust in the power of tender seduction. Hot has a more aggressive character and is going to shoot first, ask questions later. He won’t believe in atonement – instead, he’s going to punish your taste buds for the cardinal sins they’ve committed. Despite having some differences on characters, Hot and Mild can co-exist in peace in every fridge. With them, you may see Devil’s Red Pepper Jam – the step-sis better known for the sweet facade hiding the devil inside. Devil’s Salad Mild’s big sis also wanted to make sure to be seen – she’s there in the front, always wanting to be in the limelight. Perhaps she wanted to show the new look she just got – you may find her in some stores still wearing the older label.

On the right of the portrait, there’s the green sheep of the family. Devil’s Sliced Pickles and Devil’s Jalapenos Slices complete the red-white-green food circle. The fiery cucumbers and hot jalapenos are devilishly good as a snack, on bread, salad table or in hamburgers.

From the photo shoot, the family continues its road to the store shelves. You’ll recognise the devils from the dark label, that separates them from other tex-mex products. Part of the family may have escaped to the conservatives section and the chilli cucumbers are also sold by kilogram in larger supermarkets.

Find the devil. Otherwise, the devil will find you.

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