A dark and fiery Autumn awaits – Herkkumaa Devil’s family gets new members


It’s autumn again. The winter is coming. That abyss filled with darkness and cold. The frost biting your toes and all the warmth being nothing but a memory of days long passed. That is why you should seek the jar where the flames were sealed. Open it and it will melt the ice from your heart and awaken the fire that keeps you going.

Herkkumaa Devil’s family has got new members, and they are about to make hot in here. Tomato-based Devil’s Salad Mild seduced with a smooth and mouth-warming structure. It’s hotter sister, Devil’s Salad Hot, is also tomato-based, but jalapenos and chilies have given it a bit fierier character. Her flame will burn your taste buds with caressing love – as a sauce, a dip, a filling or a salad.

The third new member of the family is Devil’s Red Pepper Jam – a devil’s jam to top off meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. All Herkkumaa Devil’s products give an easy and fiery boost for your meal. These are the new Devil’s products for now. However, our R&D lusts for more and as it was written, the Devil shall return.