Herkkumaa’s new Ketchup aims to the top


Some time ago, we started developing a high-quality Finnish ketchup. One, that could satisfy the demands of ketchup lovers, self-taught chefs, and professionals alike. One, that would combine artisan-like craftsmanship and passion to clean quality ingredients. That one is Herkkumaa’s new premium ketchup from Finland.

The ketchup made with a long experience from industrial-scale production has benefited from the aid of HoReCa-professionals. As a cherry on the top, we dressed the sauce in a stylish packaging that will be easy to recognise in the grocery store close to you.

Our new ketchup will find its way first to professional kitchens. The easy to open 10-kilogram angular container saves up to 33 % of space compared to typical round buckets.

The product was developed with the help of professional kitchens, and we will continue listening to their feedback. During the winter, we will launch a test group with consumers. With the help of professionals and enthusiasts, we are about to create the best Finnish made ketchup available in supermarkets. And that’s a position we aim to keep.