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Devil’s Jalapeno Slices 270/135 g

Herkkumaa Devil’s Jalapeno Slices hit you like a ten-ton hammer. The taste leaves no room for modesty: the burning flames will whip your taste buds into submission. Although Devil’s Jalapeno Slices feel most at home in Mexican foods, they suit virtually any dish. Use them on pizza, in burgers or on bread. Open your mouth and seal your fate: you won’t blow these flames away. Not this time.

Product number 3411
EAN Code 6410840034112
Sales unit 8
Pallet 1440
Ingredients Jalapeño, water, vinegar, salt, stabilizer (calcium chloride). Preservative-free.
Storage An unopened package can be stored at room temperature, an opened package can be stored in the refrigerator.
Total content 270/135
Energy kJ/kcal 58/14
Fat 0,1
Saturated fats < 0,1
Carbohydrates 0,9
of which sugars 0,8
Protein 0,4
Salt 2,3

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