Superb quality Finnish mayos for HoReCa


Made in Finland from the best ingredients: Herkkumaa’s new Finnish mayonnaises come in HoReCa-size packs. The large, angular packages are filled with rich, high-quality mayonnaise.

100% natural Finnish real mayonnaise

No preservatives or other additives: Herkkumaa suomalainen 80% täysmajoneesi is a real mayo made only from real, carefully selected ingredients. Lactose and gluten free mayo is safe to use in HoReCa, as the only allergens are egg and mustard seeds. The rich, full-bodied structure of the mayo suits for salads and cooking, and as a side by itself.

Add some attitude with Devil’s mayos

Tasty Devil’s mayos are free of lactose and gluten, but full of taste. They suit for fast food and can be served as such in buffets. Devil’s mayonnaise is a mild chili mayo, Devil’s savuchilimajoneesi has a pleasant chipotle taste and Devil’s kurkkumajoneesi is a traditional gerkhin mayo that can be used as a dip or a filling for fast food. The mayos are made of real vegetables: the gerkhins, chilis and garlics we use are fresh, not dried powders or spices.

Finnish vegan mayonnaise suits modern kitchens

Vegan food gains constantly more space on menus and buffets, as people are learning it can be a tasty and environmentally sound alternative to meat. Therefore, we created a vegan mayo: Herkkumaa 30 % vegaanimajoneesi. This Finnish mayo contains 30 % of fat. And we did not stop there: for the ones who want a real mayo mouth feel, there is the 60 % vegaanimajoneesi with 60 % fat content. Both are easy and tasty ingredients or additions to your vegan dishes and salads.

Angular packaging saves space

Our mayonnaises come in 2.5-kilogram packages, except the real mayonnaise comes in a magnificent 5-kilogram box. Our packages are angular. They save up to 33 % of space in transport when compared to usual round containers. Therefore, the deliveries are more environmentally sound, as the cargo truck can be filled more efficiently.