What’s new in Finland: PET juice cans of HERKKUMAA!


Packaging material significantly affects the preservation of taste and flavour of a product. Herkkumaa wanted to make sure that juices retained their perfect flavour and colour always until the expiration date and decided to give up the polyethylene packages for juices. The new PET juice containers, developed by Herkkumaa, are unique in Finland.

PET is the best to preserve the aromas

Polyethylene is a traditional food packaging material, from which are made strong canisters with handles, but it has the disadvantage of breathability. When the juice concentrate shelf life is 12 months, breathable plastic may dilute the juice flavours in just a few months after packaging. Packaging made of PET plastic retain the aroma, colour and taste of the products significantly better than polyethylene.

The new PET juice containers of Herkkumaa are transparent, one does not have to guess the colour of the juice at the store. The big mouth of the canister ensures that the juice is easy to pour into the glass without splashing. The seal plug of the threaded cap tells you that the product has remained closed until you open it. Explore the juices and drinks of Herkkumaa »