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Pure flavours from nature since 1987

In our products, we preserve the Finnish summer and nature’s own pure flavours. Our extensive range includes tasty pickled vegetables, delicious jams, condiment sauces and mayonnaise, as well as our popular Devil’s Tex-Mex accompaniments for every scrumptious gourmet moment.

Welcome to the world of flavours!

New products this spring

Herkkumaa continues its diversification as a food manufacturer with the launch of two new products, the Mayochup tomato mayonnaise and Red’n’Green remoulade mayonnaise.

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Reducing fossil fuels at Herkkumaa

At Herkkumaa, we want to continue our industrial journey for a long time to come, which is why we believe it is necessary to reduce the emissions resulting from our product manufacture as much as we can.

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Herkkumaa Arctic Berries® jams now come with Easy Open lids.

It’s easier than ever to enjoy the rich flavours of berries grown in pure Nordic forests, thanks to our Easy Open lids.

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Delicious products with respect for tradition, while welcoming in the new


High-quality products for institutional kitchens


The appearance of Herkkumaa products to change in 2020

The strong graphic design will help customers recognise, find and choose the products from grocery stores’ shelves.

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“Quality is born when you do things properly, with the right people and with the right raw materials.”
– Atte Rekola

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