Herkkumaa was born with strong roots in 1987

Herkkumaa is owned today by the same family who first founded it: the Rekolas. A passion for good food must be in their blood, as this is the third generation of Rekolas who have found their calling in the food industry.

Herkkumaa was established in 1987 and focused from the outset on preserving cucumbers and beetroots following ambitious quality criteria. A strong desire to succeed and to create ever better taste sensations every day carried the company forward, although, at the time the company was established, the industry was intensely competitive and standing out in the market was difficult. Despite its strong roots, the first few years were not easy for the company. Herkkumaa found itself in a tight spot when, in the first February after its founding, a severe frost wreaked havoc with the factory’s pipes. This meant a large pipe renovation right at the outset. To add insult to injury, a poor cucumber crop hampered the young company’s early growth.

At Herkkumaa, it’s the taste that matters

Herkkumaa’s tireless faith in its own and its customers’ good taste, along with its strict quality criteria, have given rise to products that have established their rightful place on dining tables across Finland, Russia and Central Europe. One of Herkkumaa’s most successful products is pickled cucumber. The secret of its popularity is Herkkumaa’s own recipe for vinegar pickle, which is seasoned with fresh blackcurrant leaves, crown dill and crushed garlic. When Herkkumaa was starting out, squashes were a big part of its tasty product family.

New arrivals to the product family and continuous product development

Within a few years after the company was established, Herkkumaa’s product family expanded to include jams and has gradually been complemented over the years with a variety of pickled vegetables, marmalades and condiment sauces.


Modern production machinery enables product development

As well as carefully thought-out recipes, new Herkkumaa products require high-quality ingredients, skilled personnel and modern production equipment.

The extension of the Hämeenlinna plant in 2015, and our state-of-the-art production machinery, have allowed the further development of salad-based products and the expansion of jam production. Although our modern production machinery has an important role to play in our plant, it is consumers who are at the heart of our product development. We love to get feedback and listen to our customers’ wishes.

Product development

Product development plays a key role in everything we do at Herkkumaa. We are constantly working on creating delicious new products to meet consumers’ needs. Our continuous product development also acts as a building block for the company’s growth, as we export products to about 15 countries (in 2020) and aim to increase our exports over the coming years.