Pure flavours from nature since 1987

In our products, we preserve the Finnish summer and nature’s own pure flavours. Our extensive range includes tasty pickled vegetables, delicious jams, condiment sauces and mayonnaise, as well as our popular Devil’s Tex-Mex accompaniments for every scrumptious gourmet moment.

Only the highest quality ingredients which have been grown in the fields of carefully selected producers are selected for Herkkumaa products. Our pure flavours arrive at your dinner table preserved in authentic spices. Our family business has three generations of experience in food preparation, which ensures our ability to preserve the flavours of summer in our products.

Welcome to the world of flavours!

Herkkumaa Oy

Herkkumaa is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of canned food. Our high-quality ingredients are grown in the fields of carefully chosen contract farmers and are turned into delicious pickled products and preserves in the capable hands of food industry professionals.

Herkkumaa’s modern food plant is located in Hämeenlinna, surrounded by pristine nature and waterways. Every year we handle many millions of kilos of ingredients, for example, for our pickled cucumbers and beetroots. In addition to pickled vegetables, we make delicious jams, marmalades and berry purées, condiment sauces and mayonnaise.

Herkkumaa also has production facilities in Bavaria, Germany, where the same high quality criteria are combined with high-quality production. We also produce, for example, pickled pumpkin and cabbage products in Bavaria. The responsibility for the recipes and high quality lies with the Finnish and Bavarian food professionals who work together to bring delightful flavours to your table.