Quality of Herkkumaa

“Our high quality comes from our way of doing things right, with the right people and using the right ingredients.”
– Atte Rekola

Product of Herkkumaa

We want to make top-quality products for our customers. First and foremost, our activities are driven by our high quality, delicious taste and product safety. Our top-quality ingredients, skilled personnel, modern production machinery and our care for the environment are guarantees that our excellent ingredients will end up in a jar or other container with the words “PRODUCT OF HERKKUMAA” on the label.

Quality of Herkkumaa

Herkkumaa operates according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and fulfils all its requirements, which relate to the safe manufacture of food, chain of production, eco-friendliness and hygiene.


You can find our products in grocery stores right across Finland. If you can’t find your favourite Herkkumaa products in your store, ask the store staff to stock them, or send us feedback.

Herkkumaa’s delicious products are exported to several European countries and Russia.


Private label and B2B production

In addition to its own products, Herkkumaa acts as a contract manufacturer for many supermarket chains’ store brands and for the products of numerous other food brands. Thanks to our many production lines, we have the capacity to meet growing production needs and their increase.