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High-quality products for institutional kitchens

Herkkumaa’s Food Service products are designed to meet the needs of institutional kitchens. Made for food professionals, our products include tasty and versatile pickled vegetables and mushrooms, sauces, jams and mayonnaise. Our products for institutional kitchens are made from high-quality ingredients taking our customers’ food preferences into account and using exactly the same high-quality recipes as we use for our products sold in grocery stores.

Our ready-for-use pickled vegetables serve professionals in many different forms – as slices, cubes and whole vegetables, such as cucumber and beetroot. Herkkumaa’s practical Food Service packages and decades of experience in preserving ingredients guarantee institutional kitchens top-quality products.

Herkkumaa is the largest provider of canned pickled cucumbers in Finland and supplies products throughout the country and also globally. We serve the varying needs of the food industry with flexibility and individual focus. We also supply high-quality, pre-processed products for the food industry.

We continuously develop and improve our range of products according to our customers’ needs and ideas. We are more than happy to hear about what you need, so please don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

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