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Herkkumaa Ketchup comes in two sizes

Herkkumaa Ketchup is made with a generous portion of the passion of a craftsperson, as well as pure, high-quality ingredients. The ketchup is available in stores in two sizes: a bottle of 1,040 grams for a big group of people and 575 grams for a smaller household. Both bottles contain Herkkumaa’s delicious, preservative-free ketchup that is designed to make your mouth water!

Herkkumaa’s tomato ketchup gets its delicious flavour from the large amount of tomatoes used: as much as 174 grams of fresh tomatoes have gone into every 100 grams of ketchup. The best ketchup in Finland is made from the highest quality tomatoes and only traditional ketchup seasoning: vinegar, sugar and salt.

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