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Herkkumaa Ketchup comes in two sizes

Herkkumaa Ketchup is made with a generous portion of the passion of a craftsperson, as well as pure, high-quality ingredients. The ketchup is available in stores in two sizes: a bottle of 1,040 grams for a big group of people and 575 grams for a smaller household. Both bottles contain Herkkumaa’s delicious, preservative-free ketchup that is designed to make your mouth water!

Herkkumaa’s tomato ketchup gets its delicious flavour from the large amount of tomatoes used: as much as 174 grams of fresh tomatoes have gone into every 100 grams of ketchup. The best ketchup in Finland is made from the highest quality tomatoes and only traditional ketchup seasoning: vinegar, sugar and salt.

Herkkumaa first to switch to emission-free production with the help of new technology

Herkkumaa is the first in the world to use an industrial-scale 10 MWh energy storage unit developed by Elstor Oy. This makes it possible to develop the steam needed in production without CO2 emissions.

New products this spring

Herkkumaa continues its diversification as a food manufacturer with the launch of two new products, the Mayochup tomato mayonnaise and Red’n’Green remoulade mayonnaise.

Reducing fossil fuels at Herkkumaa

At Herkkumaa, we want to continue our industrial journey for a long time to come, which is why we believe it is necessary to reduce the emissions resulting from our product manufacture as much as we can.