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Red’n’Green® Cucumber and Beetroot Mayonnaise now available in supermarkets!

Herkkumaa’s mouth-watering new products are finally available in well-stocked supermarkets, after a long and thorough development process. The two types of Red’n’Green Mayonnaise perfectly represent the variety Herkkumaa offers, while respecting the roots the company is founded on.

The Cucumber Mayonnaise contains carefully selected pickled cucumbers, made using our traditional recipe, and the Beetroot Mayonnaise contains our carefully chosen beetroots. The vegan mayonnaise both products contain is also made according to a special Herkkumaa recipe and harmonises perfectly with our traditional preserves.

Both the Cucumber and Beetroot Mayonnaises are extremely versatile and serve as dips, seasoning, accompaniments to various dishes and, for devoted Herkkumaa foodies, simply on their own.

Red’n’Green, wonderfully delicious!




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